Monday, January 4, 2010

2009... 2010... the past....

above: the wedding party
below: listing of highlights, disappointments, and items from the last year, the last century or 2, for the future:


daily life with and marriage to faith coloccia / animals: valis, orange, pancake, robot / records made by hydra head recording artists and making art for hydra head records recording artists / the process of making, completing and/or release of albums with mamiffer, greymachine, jodis, lotus eaters and isis / northwestern relocation / the opening of vacation vinyl in los angeles / being alive another year...

the first year of barack obama's presidency (i feel duped, perhaps i was being naive, as was suggested by some of the people who left in comments in response to my excited posts about his election) / the continued imposition of the black iron prison on all now living...

burning star core "challenger" / leviathan "massive conspiracy against all life" / king midas sound "waiting for you" / have a nice life "deathconsciousness" / funeral mist "mananatha" / circle "tyrant" and live / deathspell omega "chaining the katechon" / hildur gudnadottir "without sinking" / megadeth "endgame" / converge "axe to fall" / fennesz "black sea" / the bug "london zoo" / sunn "monoliths and dimensions" / dälek "gutter tactics" and live / pj harvey and john parish "a woman a man walked by" / etc.

substance from 2009, the last decade, last bunch of decades:

imre kersatsz "kaddish for an unborn child" / virginia woolf "a room of one's own" / zak sally "like a dog" and sammy the mouse" / john banville "the sea" / cervantes "don quixote" / gitta sereny "albert speer's battle with the truth" / james hollis "the eden project" / m.d. "g/e" / mark z danielewski "house of leaves" / fyodor dostoyevsky "brother's karamozov" / carl jung with aniela jaffe "memories, dreams, reflections" / cormac mccarthy "the road" / prurient "rose pillar" book + 11" / philip k. dick "valis" (trilogy) / mary shelly "frankenstein" (bernie wrightson illustrated edition) / charles burns "black hole" / chris ware "acme novelty library" / alan moore "swamp thing" and "from hell" / tom neely "the blot" / robert kirkman "walking dead" / craig thompson "blankets" / jamie delano "hellblazer" / etc.

everything hydra head / deathspell omega "kenose" and "fas – ite, maledicti, in ignem aeternum" / oxbow "an evil heat", "serenade in red" and live / neil young "dead man" soundtrack / techno animal "brotherhood of the bomb" / everlovely lightninghheart "i, you, she, the blonde and the clouds" and live / james plotkin & kk null "aurora" / mirror "nightwalkers" etc. / today is the day "willpower" / prurient "and still, wanting", "pleasure ground" / fovea hex "neither speak nor remain silent" / neurosis "enemy of the sun", "through silver and blood" and live / nurse with wound "soliloquy for lilith" / fennesz "endless summer" and live / boris "flood" / earth "2" / the melvins "lysol" and live / khanate "things viral" and live / low "secret name" / aphex twin "selected ambient works II" / pj harvey "stories from the city, stories from the sea" and "rid of me" / circle "prospekt", "black forest", "tulikoira", "katapault" and live / godflesh S/T and "selfless" / coil "black light district" / swans "love of life", "soundtracks for the blind", "children of god" / converge "you fail me" / bohren and der club of gore "dolores" , "midnight radio", "black earth" / dälek - live / karp s/t / angels of light - live / high on fire "art of self defense" and live / sleep "jerusalem" / this heat "out of cold storage" box set / tradgedy "vengeance" and live / fugazi "in on the kill taker" / etc

proposed actions for 2010:
live performances with mamiffer, greymachine, jodis and isis / recording projects with finnish fiends, bergraven, house of low culture, mamiffer, etc / book and music collaboration with tom neely / visual art exhibition(s) / more design, more drawing, more music, more life...


Anonymous said...

Yay! I have almost exactly the same taste in music as you! Love you guys, keep up the hard work!

Night Goat said...

I was also very disappointed by Obama's 1st year in office. I thought it was really more than rhetoric with him, I guess it was me also being naive. The really sad part is, they got the House, the Senate, and the Executive Office, and they still cower before the Republicans, and just kick the can down the road. Such complete bullshit. Im not looking forward to the "black iron prison" :(

Although, it was a killer year for music. Did you hear the album "Gin" from Cobalt, it was one of my favorite releases this year, you should try and check it out.

Greg Plantamura said...

I see that you were reading Alan Moore's Swamp Thing. I invite you to check out my Swamp Thing Annotations site, which reveals tons of details and references about Moore and Rick Veitch's runs on the series.


Anonymous said...

Where were you disappointed with Obama? I'd say it's more naive of you to think he caould make a tangeable difference in such a short space of time. You do realise that a lot of legislation takes years to change? I never thought for one moment he could make sweeping changes just like that, but don't you respect what he's trying to do with healthcare? Definitely a step in the right direction.

I'll put it another way; what did you expect he'd do in his first year that he hasn't?

Anonymous said...

Also digging The Walking Dead at the moment. Great series.

See you in new zealand in february, man.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Aaron. It's been a really great past year with everything that you have touched. Pretty much has been sweet noise to my ears. Really looking forward to your collaboration with Tom Neely. Looks very interesting.

Looking forward to seeing another Isis show (and/or Mammiffer/HOLC) - Please, Please, Please, come back to D.C..

I don't know if I would say we were duped, but did people really believe that Obama would actually stick to his words? I mean, that's what it really comes down to. Words. I think we both know that is what gets you elected in this day in age. How many people actually stick to what they say and accomplish what they set out to do? You and I, and "regular" people probably 90% of the time. Politicians, less than 10%..

Enough of the rambling. Once again, congrats on the marriage, hope everyday is better than the last. Keep up the great work!

The Old Guy with "Shades Of The Swarm" tee-shirt at Le Furia Fest said...

"proposed actions for 2010"

You doesn't speak about the new "ISIS" album for 2010 ... It must be a mistake !!!

Anonymous said...

Need to put SHINING on that List Though! (Not the Black Metal Band but still from Norway) "In The Kingdom Of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster" will knock you socks off if haven't heard it! Off of the Amazing Rune Grammofon Label. Peace!

Anonymous said...

North American Union, NWO, RFID Chip, Amero, Crushing the economy:

SOMA said...

Great lists man, Im with yah.
All the best for 010!

Anonymous said...

Hey, wanderer. Here's recommended list for thee: "Frost" by Thomas Bernhard, Kafka's "The Castle", von Mises „Human Action”, Bataille „Story of the Eye”, Michael Cisco „Divinity Student”.
Music: all by Woburn House, Shora „Malval”, Heroin and Your Veins”Nausea”, Burial s/t. Good to hear you've found your babe. Hope your next stop is kids. Have fun and greets from Wroclaw.


Jesse said...

@ Anonymous that post that laughable N.W.O. bullshit-

Go back to the Glenn Beck forums, moron.

dudd said...

"recording projects with finnish fiends"

Really? That's awesome! Who might you're f(r)iends be?

Hope you come back to Finland soon!

Ahab said...

Isis really needs to swing back by Michigan, I had to miss you guys with Pelican and Tombs last time due to finals. If not with Isis, I'd love to see Mammifer or House of Low Culture drive out this way.

-Take care

Anonymous said...

I believe that Obama's first year in office was actually quite good, but that the sensationalist media sound bites, hate attacks from the right, and Democrats in the Congress corrupted by the corporate interests, are getting in his way. He wants to change things, but there are "checks and balances" that insure that nothing gets done.

I don't know if you've gotten to see the State of the Union since you wrote this post, as well as his speech in Baltimore at the Republican Annual Convention where he came to take their questions without any preparation. The man is a brilliant genius with very concrete plans and ideas. I was just trying to picture Bush, McCain or Palin trying to do the same.

By the way, I too am disappointed that more didn't get done, but as I said, I would blame the vicious attacks and right-wing propaganda. I was down for quite a bit with all of this myself, but then I got into it more and realized that I should be grateful for him, and that it's time to reorganize.

On another note, I really enjoyed seeing Isis earlier year. Have fun in Australia!

Anonymous said...

You're awesome dude. Listening to Today is the Day. I can't wait for their new record. Amber from Jucifer told me in an interview that her, Edgar and Steve will be working on a project together which should be interesting. I know Steve recorded one of their albums.

You're an amazing musician and serve as an inspiration. I consciously force myself to stop listening to Isis when I write so that I won't over-emulate.

Take Care. I'll keep reading your blog! It's awesome!

Sam Roberts said...

Thanks for the post aaron. no doubt you and the other isis guys will continue on making awesome stuff