Sunday, November 15, 2009

PRINT article, OXBOW vinyl

the online version of PRINT magazine has just posted an article about heavy metal design - the article contains interviews snippets with me, stephen o'malley, and seldon hunt, as well as a few selected images of our work. check it here .

as mentioned in the last post, the new oxbow 12" "songs for the french" is now available via oxbow on tour, hydra head mailorder and webstore, etc. above is a picture of the fancy vinyl colors, sleeve and insert. see here for more details of the artwork.

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Unknown said...

Never knew you'd studied printmaking -- not that I was aware of such a thing back when we ran in the same circles. My special lady was a printer at Paulson in Berkeley and worked with Chris Johanson, Martin Puryear and others. Cool work to be sure, but I'd would be interested to see what you'd come up with at an old-timey intaglio shop like that :)