Friday, September 18, 2009

Cave In & Greymachine PT 2

above: various views of the greymachine "disconnected" cd package
below (previous post): various views of the cave in "planets of old" 12" package

i realized that though i often post preview images of layout projects or the foundational elements for them (such as illustrations or type treatments), i rarely post documentation of the finished artifacts. this post and its predecessor are attempts to rectify that oversight - though i will admit the photographic representations of these albums are not entirely accurate.

here are some project details on both:

-greymachine: 12 page booklet on high gloss/UV coated stock with a vellum booklet cover and tray card. all pieces are black and white + a metallic pantone spot color (silver PMS 877). video stills for the layout provided by justin broadrick. vinyl version forthcoming.

-cave in: single LP stoughton "tipon" style jacket + innersleeve. both printed on high gloss/UV coated stock with 4 color process "hospital green" + metallic pantone spot color (copper PMS 876). CD version forthcoming.

i didn't intentionally use similar specs for both projects (UV coated stock, metallic spot, etc), i just tried to select elements which would suit each layout and the music they were housing/representing. however, i have noticed a tendency in my working process to run with particular aesthetic choices in phases, sometimes only noticing this in retrospect when i look back at a group of projects in tandem. i guess this is my coated stock + metallic color phase?

for those unfamiliar with the music/groups associated with the imagery above and below here are some useful links:

-greymachine: reviewed in decible , and a few tracks can be previewed here

-cave in: reviewed here , and you can listen to some cave in here


life supporting resources: bohren and der club of gore "dolores", mary shelly "frankenstein" (w/bernie wrightson illustrations), megadeth "endgame", various "wednesday comics", oxbow "songs for the french", fovea hex EPs, late luncheon at plum, stumptown, ashpool "saturns slave", adbusters, etc.


Brett said...

Luvin the Greymachine album. Will Greymachine be playing any live dates?It would be cool if you played at Roadburn


aloha mister turner. :)

just wanted to say that i like the things you do, be it with the pen or soundwise. isis always helps me when i'm drawing my own things (if you catch yourself in a rare moment of boredom or relaxation, you could peek into my blog...). keep on doing what you do, it's inspiring. i'll see you when you're on stage somewhere near amsterdam again.

much respect. djox.

Wojciech Felczak said...

Any chance to see Greymachine on Asymmetry Festival II in 2010?

Sammy said...

Couldn't completely get into Wednesday Comics, but I loved the idea and the execution.