Thursday, April 16, 2009

poster for asymmetry festival in wroclaw, poland. poster drawings/design by faith coloccia and a. turner

as stated in previous post house of low culture and mamiffer will be playing 2 shows in europe this month. the info is as follows:

- Apr 24 + 25 2009, Asymmetry Festival, Firlej, Wroclaw, Poland w/dälek, destructo swarmbots, oddatee, lvmen, etc
- Apr 27 2009, Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany w/ Minsk

isis US tour now official-ized. playing w/keelhaul, mamiffer, pelican, helms alee, thrones, and tombs in various places and combinations. exclusive color of isis "wavering radiant" (clear/clear) available only at vacation vinyl in los angeles (starting 4/21), and from the band on tour in the US (starting 5/15). vacation also stocking other isis and hydra head rarities and lots of other hard to find new and used LPs. go vacation.

current: prurient/akitsa - split LP, oldest - demos, vhernen - untitled, xasthur - "all reflections drained", nortt - "galgenfrist".


Felipe F. said...

I know,that's a little inappropriate,but please,do some shows with Isis here in Brasil,for me would be dream coming true.

P.S:Sorry for my english


Bruce said...

Omaha would greet you with open arms if you feel like stopping over on the 14th of June. It's a nice middle ground between Minneapolis and Denver.

The Waiting Room, Sokal Hall, or the Slow Down are good places to play.
Something to think about.

Hope you consider it. People in the middle of the country would love to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

chujnia ten plakat :-D

shotsfromnowhere said...

Great show as Mammifer in Wroclaw. It's a shame that there were so few people in the audience and some assholes behind me kept talking all the time...
Anyway, I hope that you will visit Wroclaw again, this time with ISIS!

Anonymous said...

yeah, right. great performance, great poster, great attitude to the people. unfortunately, Mr.Turner, i will not be able to listen to your work in this same way, i did it before the Assymetry HOLC show... in fact, i am quite incensed.

Shipp said...

second the request for an Omaha stop. saw you guys in Lawrence on the last tour and it was absolutely incredible.

sasha selipanov said...

loved Mammifer. great stuff Aaron!

was awesome to meet you. a bit embarrassed not to have recognized you at first! but then again, the beard threw me off! still wondering wtf your signature means... dots and lines?

anyway, thanks for the show! hope to see you with ISIS soon! your work (both art and music) is a huge inspiration! keep it up!

very impressed,

sasha :)

knifendrum said...

Arron, your inspired surgeon in New York is eagerly awaiting your return to "The Filmore" this June. Im bringing some of my converts to witness the event. Not to worry, most of them are less than half my age and should support the rest of your career. Great work with W/R!!!!
Been checking out your disc cover art and new art for "Wavering Radiant" Been doing a little drawing and painting myself. Would share if interested.
Thanks for bringing "Pelican" in with you. They'll add something special to the evening

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