Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ISIS artifacts

hello. back from tour and getting settled in. i wanted to post some pictures from the tour, but haven't gotten to that quite yet, so here are some random isis artifacts in the mean time.

from top to bottom:

1 & 2: the newly completed ISIS toy courtesy of UNKL toys. this is a different figure from the one that was part of the Ipecac toy series which was also generated by UNKL. it was designed by the folks at UNKL with graphics and minimal input which i provided - have to say i'm pretty excited about the results. we sold a few of these on the european tour and they'll also be available through the isis webstore in the near future. they were made in an edition of 1000 and will not be made again after they're gone. we may continue to make toys in the future, but if we do they will be completely different designs. this particular edition was based off the art for the last isis album "in the absence of truth".

3. an old flyer i dug up when doing some house cleaning. from one of our earliest shows, march 1998. we were really excited about this show, about playing with buzzov*en, about doing an out of state show. we thought we were going to be good, we thought we'd really show the crowd what we were made of, ha ha ... and our hubris brought us down. we were far less than good, played poorly, were received poorly, and broke a kick drum pedal in the process. thanks to whoever lent us the replacement. at least we got to see buzzov*en....

4. another item dug up during a house cleaning rampage - my "transcription" of the godflesh track "streetcleaner". isis originally covered this track for a split 7" with pig destroyer that subsequently came out on relapse in 98 or 99. the cover was later released on the japanese 2xCD version of "mosquito control/red sea" (ritual records) and the "sawblade" limited 12" (tortuga records), and most recently on the repressed version of the "sawblade" 12", which was included in the "shades of the swarm" vinyl box set. it was recorded at in the same session as the material for the "red sea" ep and to our surprise came out fairly well. we were hesitant to record our take of such a monumental track, but our fears were somewhat allayed when we found out that justin broadrick, the creator of the original track, approved of our efforts, or so he said anyway. ha.

i'm working on drawings for the zozobra (formerly heatseeker) "bird of prey" album and will post a preview of those when i've made some headway, and will also post some of the isis tour photos when i have the opportunity. currently/recently enjoying and/or absorbing the following supplements/events: the continued health of precious creatures, most notably the one named orange, top pot hand forged donuts (particularly the cherry blossom variety), immortal technique "vol 2", homemade breakfast burritos, cursed "III", new xasthur, guilty simpson "ode to the ghetto", blanket beds on the floor, wu-tang "8 diagrams", fuck buttons "street horrrsing" (terrible band name, tremendous record), thomas e. ricks "fiasco: the american military adventure in iraq", spiderman: brand new day, tiny vipers through the wall, pulling off surprises, cool weather in los angeles.....


_Untouchable_ said...

Hello Aaron!
I would like to buy this pretty toy,but it's pitty that I can't find such there,in Ukraine((((But I like it very much...
Sorry for offtop,but I have one question to you.Can you say when you and other Isis' members will going to start working at the new album?I want to hear some new awesome songs from Isis)
And please come to Ukraine.......Your concerts are so energetic and wonderful!!!
Please,Aaron,ask my question...
Best wishes!
P.S.:Sorry for my bad English)

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear again from you. The toy is a killer - love the design and packing.

As for the zozobra art work can't wait to see it. Please share the idea/inspiration along with the upcoming artwork presentation.

Best regards.

::Andre:: said...

Bought mine yesterday through Conspiracy. I must confess that I thought twice but... it's an ISIS TOY!!!

Looking forward to see those photos, love it when you post tour pics here. And, once again, next european tour (not counting with next August) you really have to play Portugal. Vincent and Joris have an idea of how much I want to do this...

Grey Machine? Project with Plotkin? No news about new music from Isis members?

March2theSea said...

dig they toy for sure. I'll have to keep my eye on the web store.

Welcome home from the tour.

Anonymous said...

the toy looks nice. How expensive will they be? I might actually afford one. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward for the next album and Grey Machine. Cheers.

OBC said...

Love the artifacts you found really interesting especially the transcription for Streetcleaner. I've currently been listening through my Shades Of The Swarm box set, and a track that's really caught my attention is Celestial (Signal Fills The Void) on the SGNL>05. It's just such an addictive track to listen to. All your albums are amazing and each one has it's own individual sound. I just think ISIS are on another level to any other band I've ever listened to. Anyway I like your Clouds drawing of the tower. Can't wait to see you guy's tour in the UK. Thanks ISIS for keeping me sane and positive everyday..

Visual Artist

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice toy indeed. Will keep an eye open for it on the HH webstore.

About the flyer, I am glad you guys didn't keep this logo haha.

I second Andre. Can you tell us a bit more about (how you would describe) Grey Machine. Justin and Dirty DC already gave out some details, but it's always nice to get another point of view.