Friday, October 18, 2013


The Mamiffer/House of Low Culture North American tour has concluded. We had some amazing experiences along the way, stayed with and played with some great people/musicians/artists, and for all this we are deeply grateful and honored. To all the friends (new and old) who put us up and fed us, set up shows/events, to all the people we had the pleasure perform with and along side, and everyone who attended these events: thank you - our lives have been immeasurably changed and improved by the experiences of the past month and a half.

Some nice documentation now exists from our travels, a few pieces of which are included below:

First: photos by Christopher Wormald from "MEDIUM" - the collaborative performance work by Faith Coloccia, Julie Tolentino and myself. This event was curated by Robert Crouch/VOLUME Projects and certainly constitutes one of the highlights of the trip - not to mention being one of the more interesting events in which I've participated period. A more complete photo set can also be viewed here.

Second: a video excerpt of Mamiffer's performance in Los Angeles on 10/03. Speaking of the live show, Mamiffer has also just recorded a version of the set we were performing this past month (in a 13 hour session at Avast with Randall Dunn) - more on that soon.

Thank you.

Currently/recently enjoying: Daniel Higgs "Ultraterrestrial Harvest Hymns", Sad Vicious - live, The Bug "Ganja Baby b/w Dis Mi Army", Black Spirituals - live, Alcest - live, Moore/Lloyd "V for Vendetta", Hair Police "The Empty Quarter", Sutekh Hexen "Monument of Decay", Birchville Cat Motell "Cranes Are Sleeping", etc.

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