Saturday, July 6, 2013


Above: various pieces of the CD and LP layout for the forthcoming album "Nothing Violates This Nature" by All Pigs Must Die. The CD and LP utilize the same basic art elements, but have different configurations/arrangements. I did the layout and illustrations, Faith Coloccia did the type/text treatments. As previously mentioned, there will be some limited prints based off this artwork available in the near future - more on that soon. The CD version of the album is up for pre-order from Southern Lord now, LP coming shortly.

Summer enjoyment: Alison Bechdel "Fun Home", Armagedda "Only True Believers", Daniel Menche & Mike Shiflet "Stalemate",  Circle "Suur-Pori", Betynget Af "Knaekkede Stemmer", Aluk Todolo "Occult Rock", Asphyx "Deathammer", Margaret Atwood "Alias Grace",  Harry Pussy "What Was Music", etc.


Förstöra said...

Hi Aaron. You've got some awesome stuff here! Would you be interested/available to look into creating some artwork for a full-length album we are recording at the moment? The band is Förstöra and we opened up for Old Man Gloom and Converge here in Perth back in Feb :) Kind regards - Denis (Förstöra)

Unknown said...

I adore this album and the artwork done on it. I'm just wondering what does that back of the CD say?

Ima said...