Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Above: Cover for the Mamiffer/Pyramids split, forthcoming on Hydra Head Records/SIGE Records/Daymare Recordings. Artwork by Faith Coloccia. You can listen to the album in full here, courtesy of Tiny Mix Tapes. The LP (Hydra Head) will be available on 10/16, the tape (SIGE) and CD (Daymare) will be available 10/24.

This Sunday, October 14th, is the beginning of the Mamiffer/Menace Ruine European tour. Full dates below. We're very much looking forward to this tour, playing some new Mamiffer music, and spending time with our friends in Menace Ruine...

14-10-2012 Arena, Vienna Austria 
15-10-2012 Nkc Park, Zagreb Croatia
16-10-2012 eMCe, Velenje Slovenia

17-10-2012 Chet's Club, Bologna Italy
18-10-2012 Ligera, Milan Italy
19-10-2012 Queen Kong Club, Neuchatel Switzerland
20-10-2012 Dachstock, Bern Switzerland
21-10-2012 L'Espace B, Paris, France 

22-10-2012 Les Passagers Du Zinc, Besancon France
23-10-2012 Magasin 4, Brussels Belgium
24-10-2012 La Zone, Liege Belgium
25-10-2012 Winston, Amsterdam Netherlands
26-10-2012 Christuskirche, Bochum Germany
27-10-2012 Die Stadtmitte, Karlsruhe Germany
28-10-2012 HBC, Berlin Germany
30-10-2012 Firlej, Wroclaw Poland
31-10-2012 Klub Powiekszenie, Warsaw Poland
01-11-2012 Wydzial Remontowy,  Gdansk, Poland
02-11-2012 Artelis, Riga Latvia
03-11-2012 Von Krahl, Tallinn Estonia
04-11-2012 Korjaamo, Helsinki Finland

...and unrelated, a new video by David Bellard for an old Lotus Eaters track cane be viewed here. Thanks David. 

Thank you.

Vincent De-Roguin "Artificines", Deep Listening Band "Needle Drop Jungle", High On Fire "The Art of Self Defense", Richard Skelton "Verse of Birds", Merzbow "Merrzow", etc...

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