Saturday, June 8, 2013


Above: Preview images from the ISIS "Celestial" 2xLP layout. Vinyl version on Robotic Empire, CD version on Ipecac - both due out July 9th. Pre-order info coming soon.

Enjoying: Cut Hands - live, Asphyx "Deathhammer", Shitmat "Killbabylongkutz" Alan Moore/Kevin O'Niell "Nemo: Heart of Ice", Diamanda Galas "The Litanies of Satan", Nortt "Gudsforladt", Knut s/t EP, etc.

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B A S T A R D I S E R said...

i picked up celestial on CD from sister ray records in london years ago (which has always been good for HHR releases, i recall they even had a HH section - a true gem of a find to this then-young fan!) and it has traveled with me ever since as an inspiring document of design, typography and how reflective a records visuals can be of it's sound. it's an astounding piece of artwork and this is no different - will try my utmost to get a copy!

- rory