Sunday, May 5, 2013


Currently enjoying: Pan Sonic "Kesto", Daniel Menche "Creatures of Cadence", Iannis Xenakis "Persepolis" and "Polytope de Cluny", Mournful Congregation "June Frost", Beherit "Beast of Beherit", Richard Skelton "Black Combe", William Fowler Collins "Tenebroso", Nihill "Woestenij", being outdoors....

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cinnabunn/andrew said...

some of the ReGRM stuff is kind of hit or miss for me, but I've really enjoyed the Iannis Xenakis lp. guess I need to check out more of his work.

Also picked up the ReGRM "Traces Vol. 2" compilation and the last piece on there, Denis Smalley "Pentes", is absolutely sublime.