Monday, April 8, 2013


Above: front cover and gatefold spread for the forthcoming Converge "Caring & Killing" 2xLP.

The exterior image is a detail from a painting/charcoal drawing of mine from about 1996 or '97. Design for this was handled by J. Bannon, incorporating design elements from the original release and art generated around the same period.

The 2xLP is now available for pre-order from Hydra Head here.

Thank you.

Intake: FM Einheit "Stein", Organum "Amen", Glenn Branca "Symphony No. 3", Wold "Freemasonry", Trepaneringsritualen "Judas Goat", Boris/Joe Volk, Isak Dinesen "Seven Gothic Tales", Jim Woodring "The Frank Book", Metallic "Master of Puppets", Discordance Axis "Jouhou".


d. neal said...

I love when old art finds new life in future projects. You can see it fresh and it lives again. Also Glenn Branca is cool, great source of inspiration.

Jordan said...

oh man a buddy of mine introduced me to Jim Woodring earlier this year, visionary stuff! The Frank Book is great, my favorite story in it is Frank's Faux Pa. I get an odd physical feeling in my head when I spend a long enough period of time exposing myself to that art, like having a fever without being sick.

You live near Seattle, right? Did you get a chance to visit the exhibit of Francisco de Goya's Los Caprichos series this month? i think tomorrow's the last day its up, its at Davidson Galleries close to the ferry terminal, but i went to check that out last week. Haunted stuff; that man captured some serious demons with a graceful touch. That was something I was really glad to see.