Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The new Jodis album "Black Curtain" is now streaming in its entirety at Alarm Magazine - go here to listen. The CD will be out on Hydra Head next week, but the LP has been delayed until Nov due to hold ups at the pressing plant. The 2xCS version which will also include the first album "Secret House" is due out soon on SIGE Records, but has also been delayed due to manufacturing problems. That format has been pushed back til Nov 16th, but should be available for mail-order before then.

In related news, the Mamiffer/Pyramids split LP/CS is also going to be delayed but should be out finally in November. The LP (Hydra Head) and CS (SIGE) are both held up due to pressing plant problems (yes, again), but the CD on Daymare Recordings should still be out by the originally scheduled date of Oct 24th.

Lastly, thanks to Daymare Recordings, Earth, Jon Mueller and everyone that came to the recent Mamiffer shows in Japan. We had an excellent time and are looking forward to our next trip, that is, the upcoming European tour with Menace Ruine.

(photos by hatena?)


Anonymous said...

Winter Jodis tour would be beyond amazing

Wojciech said...

Preordered the digital version already, can't wait

Anonymous said...

While I beg for a Jodis tour, what are the chances of doing another HOLC run any time soon? I missed the last Toronto show and finally hearing Poisoned Soil made that even more unfortunate.