Wednesday, February 13, 2008


just discovered this excellent and cryptic site dedicated to esoteric album sleeves and have fallen in love with it. felt the need to share:
if anyone knows who's behind this site please let me know. i've been trying to contact them through the site to no avail - seems there is some sort technical glitch in their comments section. hope you enjoy.

more substantial posts coming this weekend - updates on musical activities, forthcoming releases, old man gloom tour dates, etc...


Anonymous said...

Did you try to email them? It sounds like you only tried the comment section. I haven't tried to email them myself, but I found this email on this page:

Anonymous said...

After some search I found this:
Wharton, Ry
mail: misprint NO_SPAM
4320 Cliff Road
Birmingam, Alabama 35222

This data is for domain registrant. So if not the direct contact person then a good place to start searching.

Hope this will help.

Best regards from Poland

Anonymous said...

On Conspiracy Records' website, it said that they were getting 250 of the box set, Robotic Empire and 250, and Isis were getting 100. Are you guys going to be selling them through your webstore, or on tour or anything? I missed my chance at the Conspiracy copy, so I'm hoping for the Robotic Empire version whenever that comes out. I'm really excited for it. Thanks Aaron.

::Andre:: said...

can't wait for weekend then...

Somewhere Beyond Echoes said...

His name is Ry Wharton,
his email is
Telephone 401-331-4418

Keeley said...

mhmmmmm old man gloom tour dates!! i've been listening to christmas a fuckton lately! i'm glad i finally got around to hearing it... i can't wait to see this shit in person